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Membership in the Naval Landing Party
(The USNLP is a member unit of the Navy & Marine Living History Association, a non-profit corporation;
donations to the USNLP are welcome and are tax deductible. For information on donations, send an email to

  Membership in the Naval Landing Party is $20 per year. Full membership includes  a copy of the USNLP Handbook (4th edition, 200  pages devoted to instruction for reenacting*),  membership certificate, membership in NMLHA (includes insurance), and opportunities to share your love for history with the public as part of the unit at encampments and battle reenactments. If you have an interest in the Civil War and a desire to learn even more; would like to present what you know from a little-known perspective (naval); and are just crazy enough to be willing to spend a few weekends of the Spring, Summer, and Fall in wool (while everyone else is in shorts and tank tops) -- then we've got a spot for you!**

Unlike most reenacting infantry regiments, attendance is not mandatory in the USNLP. For one thing, reenacting is a hobby for us; we pay attention to detail and are proud of our knowledge and presentation, but this is neither a paying job nor real military service. Also, any naval presence from a lone lieutenant all the way up to twenty men and a boat howitzer -- and anything in between -- is historically accurate and can be documented. Our portrayal is not dependent upon large numbers. Presently the USNLP operates only on land; if opportunities arise for shipboard reenacting, this will never be mandatory.

*Topics covered in the USNLP Handbook include equipment lists and sources of supply, drill, making and using black powder blanks, loading and cleaning of nineteenth century reproduction pistols and rifles, guidelines for interacting with spectators, and USN Civil War history.

**Bylaws of the USNLP

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