The U.S.N.L.P. Handbook
for Civil War Navy Reenactors
(4th edition)

Sales of the USNLP Handbook are now made through The 4th edition Handbook is 204 pages in length, but contains all the information of the 300pp laser-printed edition we offered before this. Only the "Documents" section has been removed, and it has been augmented and posted online. The price has gone up by a buck to $24.50, but you'll receive a bound printed book with all the historical and practical information you need to portray a sailor or marine of the 1860s.

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Table of Contents

Section A: Reenacting the Civil War Navy: The U.S. Naval Landing Party

Historical Basis, Unit Structure, Membership, Impressions Before the Public

Section B: Military Routine (Drill)

The Manual of Arms (updated)

Stationary Formations (updated)

Facings (updated)

Marching Formations (updated)

Artillery Drill

Cutlass Drill (updated)

Boarders Away & Repel Boarders

Skirmish Drill (new)

Camp Routine & the Watch Bill


Section C: Weapons & Safety

General Safety

Weapons safety

Making Blanks





Section D: Uniforms & Equipment

Proper Attire / Photographic Examples and Evidence

Sutlers / Equipment List (updated)

Rank Insignia Charts (new)


Section Z: Reference

Reference Maps, Western and Eastern Theaters

History Lessons:

How the US Navy Won the Civil War (new)

Historical Reference Data

Naval Chronology of the Civil War

Naval & Period Language

Navy Food Rations

Navy/Army Pay Scales

Navy Small Arms

Equipment of a Landing Party

Period Cost of Clothing


Photo Gallery & Cutaway Diagrams

Sail Plans

Sails & Yards Diagrams

Heaving the Line: Use of the Sounding Lead

The Mariner’s Compass

Lines, Knots, Bends & Hitches

Steam Propulsion

Schedule of Watches & Misc. Information

Naval Gunnery:

Shot & Shell

Naval Gun Carriages

First Person Accounts                                                                               

Practical Help:

Buying a Gun

Maintaining the Lockplate of Your Musket

Plans & Patterns for Making It Yourself (new plans)

Bibliography & Recommendations (updated)                                                                   


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