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U.S. Naval Landing Party
was formed in the Fall of 1997 by Union Naval reenactors in the New England area and has since spread to include members across the country. Our group portrays the activities of a landing party of Union sailors and Marines during the Civil War -- a little known role for the Navy in the 1861-65 conflict.

We are a member unit of the Navy & Marine Living History Association (NMLHA) and offer enlistment to people of all ages, gender, and races (yes, the U.S. Navy was integrated during and before the Civil War). Interested parties may apply to serve as Sailors, Marines or Civilians (the sole stipulation as regards age being that children under sixteen must be accompanied in their enlistment by a responsible parent or guardian). If you enjoy talking with the public and sharing a unique perspective on history, join the USNLP!

Throughout the War Between the States, the Federal Navy routinely landed  parties of Sailors and Marines ashore on raids, reconnaissance or to aid the regular land forces. These were ad hoc groups comprised of men from the ships of the local squadron. Shore parties varied in size from a single lieutenant who might offer his services as staff officer for the day to an Army general or up to several thousand men landed to attack Fort Fisher at Wilmington, North Carolina. The USNLP represents a group such as might have been landed from a flotilla of gunboats supporting the Army along one of the many rivers that laced the Confederacy.

If you are interested in finding out more about the USNLP, information on membership, subscriptions to the unit newsletter "Beat to Quarters!", information is available on a separate page. The links following the Fort Fisher illustration will take you to original articles and research by the USNLP, to other sites with information about the Navies of the period and their role in the war, and to a variety of resources for nautical reenactors.

"We landed sixteen sailors and a boat howitzer, and they did more fighting than a whole regiment of soldiers!"
(Roswell Lamson, Lieutenant, USN)

"Board in a manly fashion!"
(David Dixon Porter, Rear Admiral, USN, orders to the Naval Assault Forces at Fort Fisher)

The Naval Charge at Fort Fisher

U.S. Naval Landing Party Links

These links relate specifically to the Union Navy of the Civil War.
For a wider assortment of nautical links, refer to the Navy & Marine Living History Associations page.

NMLHA Civil War Navy Coloring Book!

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USNLP Historical Research

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Korean War 1871
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Western Theater - Eastern Theater
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USNLP Living History

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Navy Sutlers

Charlie's Boatworks
Hesson Clothiers
The Navy Mercantile
Port Columbus Civil War Naval Center
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See the
USNLP Handbook for Civil War Naval Reenactors
for more sources of period uniforms, equipment, tools, and weapons)


General Nautical

Sea Shanties & Songs
History and Development of Tattooing
Tattoo History Source Book
Nautical History Terms [pre-1800]

Civil War Historical

The Pook Turtle Project
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Naval Page of "American Civil War" 
American Civil War Homepage
Navies in the Civil War
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Civil War Torpedoes
History of US Naval Uniforms and Insignia
Uriah Levy Legacy page
History of the S. Atlantic Blockading Squadron
Signal Corps Association
Marine Corps Heritage Foundation

Museums and Restoration Projects

The Pook Turtle Project
Port Columbus Civil War Naval Museum
Naval Historical Center
Hampton Roads Naval Museum
U.S. Merchant Marine
U.S. Merchant Marine, "Other Wars" page
Great Lakes Marine Collection
U.S.N. Memorial Foundation Navy Logs Online
Naval & Maritime Museum List (U.S.) 
Naval & Maritime Museums (International)
U.S.S. Cairo Photo Album
Navies in Transition
(A Guide to Surviving & Reconstructed 19th century Warships from the pre-Ironclad Era)
Fort Ward (Virginia)

Civil War Ship Models

Thoroughbred Figures, 1/600 scale
Peter Pig Miniatures, 1/600 scale
(at Brookhurst Hobbies)

Columbus Ironworks (radio-controlled), 1/48 scale
Civil War Ironclads (card kits), 1/185 scale
Houstonís Ships (Stone Mountain Miniatures), 1/1000 scale
Cottage Industry Models, 1/32 and 1/96 scale

Modern Links

181st Seabee Battalion, United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps

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